Counseling &  Support Center


                    JAGRUTI provides, with the help of community – based social workers and an expert panel of doctors,

                    lawyers, chartered accountants, necessary counseling and support services in cases of dowry and

                    marital disord.




                                                                                                        “Sasta Sale” : The ‘seconds sale’ is organized by

                                                                                                        JAGRUTI regularly in slums, which makes clothes and

                                                                                                        other  household items available at very affordable

                                                                                                        rates. The community looks forwards to such sales as

                                                                                                        buying these items at current market rates is beyond

                                                                                                        their means.







                    How does 'JAGRUTI' finances its activities?

                    Trustees have donated their own funds to commence these activities initially.

                    Further, funds were mobilized from well-wishers and philanthropic organizations. 

                    But expansion and widening of JAGRUTI has created the need for more funds.



                    How You May Help?


                    a) Donations towards the corpus, interest of which will be used for Educational,

                        Vocational and Health Care Activities.


                    b) Donations for our building fund.  This will be used for a hostel for needy girl students,

                        women and a well-equipped Health Care Center


                    c) Sponsorships :

                            Sponsor one-year expenses of a needy student for professional course - donation of Rs.25,000.

                            Sponsor a batch of students for computer training by donation of Rs.10,000.

                            Sponsor one-year expenses of a girl for higher education by donations of Rs.9,000.

                            Sponsor one-year expenses of a child for Balwadi - Nursery Care by donations of Rs.5000.

                            Sponsor one year Health Care Expenses of a child or a pregnant woman, or an old person

                            by donation of Rs.4,500.

                            Sponsor a woman for family planning operation by donation of Rs.1,000.

                            Donation of clothes and household items for ‘Sasta Sale’.


                         Any donation of your choice in cash or kind is most welcome. 

                         All donations are eligible for income tax exemption under 80G.

                         Foreign donations are also acceptable. We  have FCRA clearance from Government of India.

                         Payments should be made favoring ‘Jagruti Seva Sanstha’.